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GIS Conversion Services

DraftingDesign provides GIS services (Geographic Information System) for a wide range of companies including transportation (road and water), telecommunication, mining, municipal (storm and sewage management) and utility sectors (electricity or power).

GIS Map Conversion
DraftingDesign.biz creates different layers to acquire a better understanding of a particular place. We can create layers as per your guidelines— Urban Infrastructure Planning, Water Resource Mapping and Monitoring, Civil Engineering Mapping, Contour Mapping, Detailed Forest Mapping are just some of the possibilities that are opened up by using Geographic Information Systems.

The array of GIS services rendered by DraftingDesign includes:
• Aerial triangulation/Stereo Orientation
• DTM generation
• ArcExplorer and ArcView Training
• ArcView Applications Development
• Contour Mapping (Digital Elevation Models (DEM))
• Custom Mapping
• Parcel Mapping
• Data Automation and Integration
• Feature Extraction
• Geo-coding of databases
• GIS Mapping related to local area planning
• Land use mapping
• Local Area Planning (District Planning Maps, Census Maps, etc.)
• Photogrammetry
• Spatial Analysis and Modeling
• Utility Mapping

All of the above GIS Conversion work is done by advanced technology, which helps us produce drawings that are precise, accurate and minutely detailed. We also offer such services as:
• Civil Engineering Mapping
• Contour Mapping
• Detailed Forest Mapping
• Flood Interpretation
• Geo Engineering Survey
• Geological Mapping
• Irrigation Management, etc.
• Urban Infrastructure Planning
• Water Resource Mapping and Monitoring

Send us your drawings and maps via email, fax or FTP and we will deliver your file as soon as you need it, in any format of your choice.

Our GIS Service professionals can handle all of your GIS conversion needs. Just click on the link, upload your CAD drawings to converted and we'll get your GIS conversion back to you within the amount of time specified.