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Cad Digitization Service

DraftingDesign.biz's digitization services allow you to convert all your information, data and images into vector format. All your scanned data, graphic or artwork can be digitized at or vectorized overnight. DraftingDesign specializes in 2D drafting, architectural drafting, AutoCAD drafting, mechanical drafting and patent drafting. Our experienced CAD conversion specialists can turn around your CAD conversion, CAD format conversion, CAD design and blueprint conversion, and vectorization of CAD drawings job quickly and efficiently.

CAD Digitization
In order to digitize your raster images, we create a drawing as a new file; the final output is editable and will be in DXF, DWG or DGN format and can have as many layers as you require. We are able to digitize your raster images (drawings, logos, and graphics, etc.; TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF, etc.) into fully editable, multi-layer vector format (i.e. DWG, DXF, DGN, Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, CorelDraw or any other desired vector format).

DraftingDesign.biz is able to accept raster images, maps, and blueprints, in ARC, BNA, CDF, CGN, CLP, CPS3, DGI, DLIS, DWG, DXF, FINDER, IES, LAS, LDF, LIS, MIF, SEGP1, SHP, ZMAP format to meet your digitalization needs. We offer the digitization of architectural, engineering, construction, CAD or GIS files with a quick turn around even on large jobs.

Please feel free to use our discount services for all of your CAD digitization needs. Just click on the link, upload your CAD drawings to be converted and we'll get your CAD conversion back to you within the amount of time specified.