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CAD Conversion

Our team has extensive experience in paper to CAD conversion gained through the work we do for thousands of customers across the USA, Europe and Australia.

We digitize their scanned legacy drawings into fully vectorized CAD drawings. Existing paper documents that you are still manually updating can be cost effectively converted to electronic vector files. In addition to the time and cost savings of converting your paper drawings, you can also have added security by creating an archive copy of your data.

We ensure that every detail is in place and that no compromises are made with your data integrity.

Manual to CAD Conversions

2D tO 3D CAD Conversions

3D tO 2D CAD Conversions

Raster to vector CAD conversions

Our CAD conversions are manual and 100% accurate. We have converted just about every type of drawing: cadastral, mechanical (mechanical drafting/design and mechanical conversions) and architectural (architectural drafting/design and architectural conversions). We provide CAD conversion services for architectural plans, cadastre maps, topographic maps, parcel tax mapping, facility plans, shop drawings, site survey plans and mechanical, product & construction engineering drawings.